Best Medical Billing Services in Houston Texas

by | Jul 21, 2022

We are proud to announce our best medical billing services in Houston. Billing Freedom is desperate to offer its services throughout Texas, especially in Houston. Contact us to learn more about our medical billing services and how we can help you.

What Are Medical Billing Services?

Independent medical billing services are used to process, submit, and follow up on health insurance claims to save the precious time of physicians or their healthcare staff. With their highly trained and skilled staff, top billing companies in the country allow medical practices to collect higher payments in a shorter amount of time. The best medical billing companies also follow up on rejected claims and pursue delinquent accounts, which increases the revenue of medical practices. 

Significance of Outsourcing Medical Billing and Coding Services

Busy medical practices in Houston and other US cities have to balance a high level of patient care with completing necessary administrative tasks to keep things running. On top of that, medical billing, which is an imperative part of healthcare, can take up a lot of valuable time. It can also be time-consuming and difficult to find, train, and retain people to handle this crucial task. Moreover, incorrect or slow claim processing can negatively affect a medical practice’s revenue.

Medical billing can take up a lot of valuable time. It can also be difficult to find and train people to handle this crucial task. Plus, if claims are processed slowly or incorrectly, they can negatively impact your practice’s revenue. Medical billing companies can handle these operations efficiently. These are some of the main reasons why many practices partner up with third-party medical billing companies for claims management. In this article, we have listed some of the best medical billing services in Houston, Texas.

Medical Billing Companies in Houston, TX

Here are some of the top billing companies in Houston, TX.

  • BillingFreedom

BillingFreedom is a Texas-based company that offers one of the best medical billing services in Houston, TX. The billing company is equipped with diverse teams of trained and experienced professionals in the HealthCare industry helping small, medium, and large practices run their operations focused on revenue building and compliance. While BillingFreedom works with various specialties, it also provides measurable ROI to a wide range of medical practices.

  • 5 Star Billing Services

It provides professional, expert medical billing, collection, and administrative services for healthcare providers. Their professional billers have many years of experience in medical coding, billing, denial management, and other related processes.

  • Medical Billers And Coders

Medical Billers And Coders (MBC) is one of the best medical billing services in Houston, Texas. It is one of the biggest consortiums in the country with the purpose to help providers with proper solutions and services for their medical billing-related problems. By catering to the exact needs of the practice owners’ billing requirements with customized options, Medical Billers And Coders rank among the top billing companies.

  • Tyvan Medical Billing

Tyvan medical billing and coding is a dynamic, fast-growing medical billing services company in Texas. The company allows physicians and nursing staff to focus on providing high-quality care to their patients by providing quality and hassle-free services to various healthcare facilities.

  • Right Medical Billing

Right Medical Billing has a dedicated and experienced billing staff to run top-quality billing operations and maintain the financial health of their client’s medical practices. Their specialized team can significantly drop your AR by appropriately handling claim submissions for patients’ primary, secondary, and tertiary insurances after scrubbing before submissions.

  • Simplex Technology

It is a medical billing services company based in Houston, TX that offers a comprehensive portfolio of billing, RCM solutions, credentialing, and other related services. With a mission to take the pain out of medical billing and revenue cycle services for physicians, Simplex Technology allows them to concentrate on their main task i.e. caring for patients. Due to a well-trained team to serve a diverse group of physicians and practices, the company can consistently optimize the processes and maximize the ROI for medical practices.

  • Dominion Revenue Solutions

Dominion Revenue Solution (DRS) offers effective services including medical billing, coding, revenue cycle management, credentialing, contracting, and financial management consulting. With their healthcare reimbursement specialists, they ensure that a medical practice’s receivables are in control.

  • RoundTable Medical Consultants

One of the top medical billing services in Houston, Texas, RoundTable Medical Consultants specializes in full-service Medical Billing including,  practice management, credentialing, and HIPAA Compliance. With comprehensive and personalized solutions for healthcare facilities, the company focuses on increasing revenue and providing higher reimbursements for physicians.

  • Precision Medical Billing

Precision Medical Billing is a billing organization in the USA that is dedicated to helping physicians, home health agencies, and hospice groups navigate the complex world of medical billing and claims. This medical billing company has flourished into a national leader in medical billing by providing successful revenue collections and quality customer care for medical practices.

  • Aramat Billing Services

Aramat Billing Company is dedicated to maximizing the revenue of medical practices in Houston, Texas, and provides services to organizations of all sizes. With a mix of effective billing processes, technology, and proficient customer service, Amarat helps increase collections for medical practice.

  • Omega Medical Billing & Collection Services

Omega Medical Billing & Collection Services is a company that was established back in the year 2000 in Houston, Texas. Their efficient billing department manages billing by entering the patients’ demographics and charges as specified by the physician. This billing company’s services range the office, hospital, skilled nursing facilities, home health, hospice, and other care facilities.

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    BillingFreedom is among the best medical billing services provider for healthcare practitioners, individual practices, physician groups, and hospitals. BillingFreedom is among the best medical billing services provider for healthcare practitioners,

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