Boost Revenue with our OB/GYN Medical Billing Services

Are you engrossed full-time with the Insurance Claiming and Reimbursement process?

  • 7 specialist OB/GYN Medical Billing teams
  • 24/7 ob-gyn billing support can accelerate your billing cycle
  • OB/GYN specific, trained and certified AR calling professionals.

    Why Billing Freedom

    We optimize your medical billing cycle through best practices and technology.

    99% claim accuracy and have 7 expert ob gyn RCM teams who offer 24/7 support

    Our coders are certified and experienced in risk adjustment, HCC coding and pro-fee coding.

    We are in complete compliance with HIPAA regulations

    We’ve worked with OB/GYN practices for 15+ years.

    Our services are tailored to meet the requirements of your OB/GYN practice

    Our Medical Billing & Coding Services.

    Medical Billing Services

    Reduce claim denials to fuel your reimbursements and get paid on time to streamline revenue cycle.


    Revenue Cycle Management

    Optimize revenue and increase practice productivity while decreasing administrative workloads.


    Practice Management

    Automate practice workflows with scheduling, eligibility, reporting, efficient billing and much more.


    Front Office Management

    We simplify front office management and help your office managers to streamline practice workflows successfully.


    Medical Transcription Services

    We ensure that clinical data is accurately transcribed in compliance with HIPAA regulations


    Patient Benefits & Eligibility Verification

    Leverage modern patient experience and eligibility verification to achieve seamless processes.


    Credentialing Services

    Get affiliated with maximum insurance payers to increase patient engagement and grow your network.


    Value Added Service

    Optimize practice revenues with all the necessary actions required to run a successful medical practice.


    eClinicalWorks EMR Billing Process

    Our revenue cycle management experts create a positive impact on the billing and coding process.

    Patient Eligibility AR Calling Appointment Scheduling 24 Hours Billing Medical Coding Denial Management Claims Information EOB Posting Claims Creation Clearing House Claim Scrubbing Claims Transmission
    ARCalling 24 HoursBilling ClaimScrubbing DenialManagement PatientEligibility MedicalCoding ClaimsInformation EOBPosting ClearingHouse ClaimsTransmission ClaimsCreation AppointmentScheduling

    Our Success in Number


    Value of claims processed in 2021

    99 %

    Total Revenue Collected


    Accounts Receivable Days

    48 Hours

    Turn Around Time (TAT)

    26 Days

    Turn Around Time for Payment


    Number of Claims Processed

    99 %

    Customer Retention

    98 %

    First Pass Clean Claims Rate

    4- 9 %

    Revenue Improvement

    30 %

    Reduction in A/R

    Full Spectrum Revenue Cycle Management Services

    Medical Billing

    We have helped providers who use eClinicalWorks EMR to minimize the hindrances in the billing and coding process to make practices profitable. Also, our team closely looks into every claim and helps you get paid for services. As a result, your healthcare organization is able to transform the revenue cycle process and maximize reimbursements. Build your revenue potential with our medical billing services.

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    EMR Support

    Our complete EHR/EMR support is round-the-clock customer service for healthcare providers. In addition, Transcure’s medical billing services enable providers who use eClinicalWorks EHR to maintain steady cash flow. Similarly, our clean claim submissions rate is phenomenally higher and we pay attention to every claim. As a result, medical practice reduces the chances of denials and grows their practice.

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    AR Management

    Transcure helps eClinical EHR users to reduce the accounts receivable and reduce their turnaround time significantly. In addition, our medical billing and coding team helps you get paid for denied claims which adversely affect the revenue cycle process. As a result, you improve the overall collections, increase practice productivity, and enhance operational efficiency. Get every dollar you are entitled to receive from payers with us.

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    RCM Services

    Providers who use EMR eClinicalWorks get their payments on time and manage the billing process effectively. In addition, medical practices can achieve short-term and long-term goals with our RCM services. Similarly, we follow a proactive approach of claims submissions to ensure maximum financial outcomes and optimized clinical performance. As a result, you are able to focus on quality care and retain your patients.

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