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Billing Freedom Front Desk Services

Appointment Reminders

Our Front Desk support team will ensure appointment reminders in phases. The first reminder will go one week and the second reminder a day prior patient's appointment. We keep your patients count intact and reduce No-Shows.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Reduce your denied claims and improve cash flow through our insurance eligibility verification. Patient's eligibility & verification is obtained prior to patients visit thus maintaining minimum insurance denials.

Answering Patient Calls

Our Bilingual Front Desk team will answer all Incoming Calls. We’ll greet the callers on behalf of your practice and takedown queries related to appointments, bills, referrals, insurance or refills.

FAX Management

Fax accounts for about 75% of all medical communication, and 30% of FAX gets overlooked. We do FAX management for you and ensure 100% FAXES gets answered. No more referrals will go unnoticed, increase in patient appointments through these referrals.

Patient Payment Management

We’ll explain either to your team or directly to a patient their responsibility in the form of Copays / Coinsurance / Deductibles / Previous Balance. We maintain the patient database, demographics, insurance info, and enter all charges.

Patient Reviews & Google Rating

We address negative feedback before it’s too late by on-demand surveys and increase your google review rating to at least 4+ rating. We reach patients and guide them with the rating process until your clinic gets 4+ stars.

How to reduce No-Shows in Your Practice with Billing Freedom Front Desk Support?

One of the most frustrating for any Physician is when patient do not show up for their appointments. It not only kills the open spot on patient schedule but overall impacts revenue as well not to mention Physician precious time. Patient No-Shows and last minute Cancellations are common revenue loss in Healthcare and adversely affect the financial performance and quality of service. Please call us to schedule an appointment to learn more about how we are helping Providers throughout the US with shortfalls on Front Desk Management.

Our 24/ EMR billing & coding experts ensures you to get paid 5% more and 30% faster.

Are Your Patient Referrals Getting Lost in the Shuffle?

We take responsibility for all your referrals and our dedicated team will focus on Front Desk Management for you with a focus on 1-2-3 features and more

  • Patient Centric
  • Capturing accurate demographics
  • Handling and streamlining Prior Authorization requests.

Contact us today to schedule a call or in person meeting. Get more information on Front Desk, Eligibility & Benefits Verification and Prior Authorizations Services.

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Achieve Revenue Growth Across Both Payment Structures


Experience AR calling team

24/7 experienced AR billing team with remarkable AR follow-up processes.  The higher collection rate of AR at incredibly low costs.

Reduction in Account Receivables

Reduction in Account Receivables

A/R Aging (patient and payer). Old Account Receivables Recovery. Account Receivables Management.

First Pass Claim Acceptance Rate

First Pass Claim Acceptance Rate

98% first-pass acceptance rate, resulting in more claims being accepted. 3% higher than the industry average.

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