How to Choose Right Medical Billing Company?

by | Sep 11, 2020

Medical billing can be complicated. But it is vital. The finances of a practice are closely linked to efficient medical billing services. This includes follow – ups and compliance checks throughout the operation. Healthy finances lay the foundation for a sound practice.

Due to constant rule reforms, and updates, the billing process has changed. It has become much more time consuming. On all ends. This makes it a far more complex route to follow.

If something eats up so much of your time, you need to hire a medical billing company. This makes it so much easier for you. Not only this, but it allows you to fully cater to your patients. There should be no compromise on that end. The last thing you want is low quality care for your clients.

There has been a surge in medical billing companies. This has accounted for the rise of numerous large – scale firms in the industry. How do you figure out what you need? What your practice requires? These can be two, tough questions. But don’t fret. We’ll go over some things that will help clarify your situation.

Before we dive in; it’s important to ensure what level of service you need. Typically, there exist three, broad categories. Light, full service our boutique.

The Levels for Revenue Cycle Management

medical billing



This is offered mostly by billing software vendors. A light service will have some basic requirements. That of having someone who can deal with the front end of the process. He/she should also be able to ensure that claims are getting accepted by the payer.


This is offered by most traditional billing services, and certain software vendors. It calls for engagement in the earlier phase of the revenue cycle. The company associated will also review rejections and denials. This will stimulate feedback on how to avoid this in the future.


This if offered by smaller billing companies. These companies have a limited number of specialties. However, within those, they possess skilled experience. They are well equipped to offer more oversight.

The tasks performed by these companies are anything but basic. They go beyond what you’re used to. That is, beyond simple claim management and follow – ups. Owed to their skill set, they can do a lot more for you.


Outsourcing medical billing services can be a task. It is not all beds and roses. There are numerous problems you can face. Namely, a lack of transparency. Issues like irregular follow ups and false promises are the most common. You might also face a delay in claim generation.

Remember, you are counting on them for your finances. That is a big responsibility. It cannot just be handed over to anyone. A good tip would be to delve deep into their history. Review past experiences. Review past clients. Analyze what prior satisfaction levels amounted to. Only then, make a decision.

It is so important that the company is reliable. Opt for a cloud based medical billing service provider. Some medical billing companies allow you to access data on a cloud. You can check 24/7. This ensures complete transparency.

Security of Data

The company is privy to extremely sensitive data. They can access all your finances. This is vital information. Make sure you ask about the measures they take. What security do they have in place? How do they ensure privacy?

There are two touch points where your data can be harmed. In transit, or at rest. Ascertain that both are well protected. This comes down to a capable, honest company.

Security of Data

The On – Boarding Process

We can’t stress this enough. The on – boarding process should be a breeze. First impressions go a long way. It speaks volumes about the efficiency of the company. See how quickly they can onboard you. See also if there are any complications involved.

This makes it convenient for you to decide. If you do move forward with the company, the process is simpler.

Knowledge of ICD – 10:

The company should be extremely capable. ICD – 10 is the latest version of International Classification of Disease Code. This is pivotal to error free coding systems. If the company is proficient in ICD – 10, you save time and money. Both are extremely valuable resources.

The upside is preventing claims from returning to hospitals.

For adept services, and more information, please visit Billing Freedom. We improve and enhance your revenue, cash flow and compliance for comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management Services.

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    BillingFreedom is among the best medical billing services provider for healthcare practitioners, individual practices, physician groups, and hospitals. BillingFreedom is among the best medical billing services provider for healthcare practitioners,

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