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Streamlined RCM with Our Gastroenterology Billing Services

Leading in Gastroenterology Medical Billing Services. Escalate your Revenue!
  • codingExperience & Certified Gastroenterology billing experts
  • reimbursementImproved RCM process and real time optimization reports.
  • trainedSignificant increase in revenue with our Gastro Billing team.
  • trainedEncrypted data with proactive HIPPA compliance.
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What do we bring to the table?


Tenacious Billing

We offer full support to boost your practice’s financial health by leaps and bounds.

Obgyn Medical Billing RCM Team

RCM Services

Optimize your RCM process with timely claims filing and continuous AR follow-ups.

OB GYN Billing Services Accuracy


Increase in collections with 96% claims getting paid on the first submission.


Industry Expertise

Team of experts with more than ten years of Gastroenterology billing experience.


Denial Management

We work hard to maximize your collection and mitigate loss reimbursements.


Complete Compliance

Our commitment to HIPAA compliance is unrivaled in the industry.

Our Success in Numbers

We have been doing this a long time.

Value of claims processed


Value of claims processed in 2023

Total Revenue Collected

99 %

Total Revenue Collected

Accounts Receivable Days


Accounts Receivable Days

Turn Around Time (TAT)

48 Hours

Turn Around Time (TAT)

Turn Around Time for Payment

26 Days

Turn Around Time for Payment

Number of Claims Processed


Number of Claims Processed

Customer Retention


Customer Retention

First Pass Clean Claims


First Pass Clean Claims Rate

Revenue Improvement


Revenue Improvement

Reduction in A/R


Reduction in A/R

How Our Services Help

Gastroenterology on a rising trajectory!

Over the past decade, gastroenterology in US has been on a growth spurt. With the increasing demand for gastroenterologists, the field has emerged as one of the most lucrative practices. While this excessive demand has resulted in increased patient inflows and a high level of clinical quality, it has also increased the ratio of claim denials. The increase in patient visits has negatively impacted the RCM due to increased days in AR, underpayment, billing errors, and claim denials. Well worry not! Billing Freedom is here to boost your revenues with our team of billing experts dedicated to your business’ success. Outsource your gastroenterology medical billing services to Billing Freedom and let our team handle these complexities. Our clients typically experience revenue improvement by over 20% and reduced denials minimum of 10%. Establish and grow a healthy practice with BF gastroenterology billing services.

OBGYN Medical Billing Best Practices

BF billing and coding for diverse procedures

Our gastroenterology medical billing experts stay on top of every change in the billing process in US. With a knowledgeable partner like Billing Freedom by your side, you can focus on delivering the best healthcare to your patients. Most gastroenterology physicians have placed their trust in our medical billing and coding services, recognizing the critical role accurate code submissions play in preventing claim denials. Our meticulous attention to detail and comprehensive understanding of the coding guidelines specific to gastroenterology ensure that claims are submitted correctly, reducing the risk of unwanted denials. With Billing Freedom as your trusted partner, you can experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your medical billing processes are in capable hands.

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improve cash flow

BillingFreedom Innovative Billing Solutions Provide Unique Benefits to Practices

  • Increase Revenue

    Minimum 10% increase and up to 30%

  • Bad Debt

    Reduction of bad debt

  • Account Executives

    Dedicated account managers

  • Secure

    100% secure & HIPAA complaint

  • Customized

    Choose services that benefit you

  • Risk Free Pricing

    No hidden charges

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innovative billing

Our Medical Billing & Coding Services

Medical Billing Services

Insurance Verification

Revenue Cycle Management

Medical Billing Services

Eligibility & Benefits Verification

Revenue Cycle Management

Accounts Receivable

Prior Authorizations

Credentialing Services

Virtual Medical Assistant

Virtual Medical Assistant

Credentialing Services

BI Reporting

Denials & AR Calling

Prior Authorizations

Performance Reporting

Want To Learn More!

Get to know how Robotic Process Automation is changing the practice verticals.

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Our 24/7 RCM Process.

Overcome financial and operational challenges with our revenue cycle management and operational support that is built from the ground up for you.

appointment scheduling

EHRs we work with

At BillingFreedom, we know the features and workarounds of your EHR system. If you have an existing EHR. BillingFreedom works with that EHR.

OBGYN Billing EHRs eClinicalWorks
OBGYN Billing EHRs AdvancedMD
OBGYN Billing EHRs Kareo
OB-GYN Billing EHRs athenahealth
OB-GYN Billing EHRs practice fusion
OB-GYN Billing EHRsEpic

Still Have a Question About Services?

Medical billing services for independent medical practices and specialty practices to help grow overall revenue and maintain positive cash flow. Mitigate compliance risks & Improve coding efficiency.

improve coding efficiancy

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Frequently asked billing questions

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Does BillingFreedom have experience with Gastroenterology medical billing services?
BillingFreedom has over a decade of experience assisting both solo and group Gastroenterology practices in optimizing revenue streams. We specialize in enhancing the efficiency of your Gastroenterology practice while significantly reducing accounts receivable (AR) and denials.
What is included in BF medical billing services?
Our end-to-end revenue cycle management services include insurance verification, CPT & ICD-10 coding, charge entry, claims submission, posting, follow-up on AR, denials resubmission, patient statements, and month-end financial reports.
Are there any startup costs or signup fee?
There are no additional expenses & neither do we charge a sign-up fee to any of our clients.
Are they any long-term contracts?
There is no long-term contract; clients can terminate the services with a 30-day notice period. However, we have a 100% success rate in client retention.

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All the information you’ll ever need to run a successful healthcare organization.

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Case Study

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Get to know how Robotic Process Automation is changing the practice verticals.

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Get paid more and Faster with BillingFreedom 24/7 medical billing services.


BillingFreedom is a medical billing company that works with your EHR.

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Proud to offer the highest quality service in the industry with a 99.% retention rate.