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    Medical Billing Company
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    Doctor Freedom
    End-To-End Services to doctors, So they Focus
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    Medical Billing
    Eligibility & Benefits
    Prior Authorization
    Collection & AR Reports
    Doctors Freedom Services
    Front Desk Management
    Appointment Reminders
    FAX Management
    After Hrs. Support
    IT Support
  • Coding Services
    Coding Services
    Our coders can help maximize your revenue.
    Medical Billing Services
  • Front Desk Management
    Increase your revenue
    reduce your expenses and improve
    the efficiency of your medical practice
    No Shows Greater than 2%?
    Front Desk
    • 10% More Appointments
    • 90% Less No Shows
    • Minimum Insurance Denials
    • 300% ROI: Additional $80,000 annually.
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Our Services

We are committed to solving some of the toughest challenges that independent practices face. Below are a few of our latest services.

Revenue Cycle Management

Our end-to-end revenue cycle management solution is geared towards 40+ specialties. BillingFreedom handle your entire billing operations, from claim creation, claims follow-ups, denials, appeals, payment posting & reporting to get you paid 5% more and 30% faster.

AR Management

Boost your AR with our experts. We sent out your bills promptly and work with insurance for pending accounts aggressively to speed up your cash flow. With separate teams for billing and coding, reporting and resolutions, BillingFreedom minimize delays and expenses and manage the AR in a strategic manner.

Doctor Freedom

We are Redefining the Doctor-Patient Relationship with Doctor Freedom. BillingFreedom makes appointments, check eligibility and benefits, support, and help with Prior Authorization, both office visits and medication, FAX handling & IT support.

Front Desk Management

Our Front desk team helps grow your patients rapidly by appointment reminders, new appointments follow-ups while minimizing No Shows & keep follow up on referrals. Grow revenue and positive cash flow with 0% insurance denials through benefits and eligibility verification from payers.

BillingFreedom | Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management Services

Maximize your revenue and boost your efficiency with BillingFreedom structured RCM services. Let our experts manage your revenue cycle and billing for optimal performance.

  • End-to-end integrated technology solution.
  • Get paid faster with 98% first pass claim acceptance rate.
  • Experienced and certified billing professionals.
  • Reduced denial rate and increase billing efficiency.
  • 24×7 availability with disaster recovery.
  • Improved cash flow with tremendous cost and time savings.
  • HIPAA compliant and secure data management.
  • Patient scheduling and eligibility verification.
  • Top of line medical billing services.

Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing Services

Reduce denials, increase billing efficiency and fix revenue leaks with BillingFreedom customized medical billing services. Outsource your medical billing to us, so you can get back to what matters most.

  • Maximum reimbursement of claims. Get paid more and faster.
  • Significant reductions in A/R days and denials.
  • Experienced and certified billing professionals.
  • 24/7 patient help desk for Billing Inquiries.
  • Financial management reporting and dashboards.
  • HIPAA compliant and secure data management.

Improve insurance reimbursements with BillingFreedom medical billing services

Coding Services

Coding Services

Error-free, complaint and accurate coding is always a critical process. With 99% accuracy in coding, we help you in removing errors, revenue and offer a great deal of reliability.

  • Expert specialty-specific coders dedicated to your account.
  • Updates on all coding changes and Fee Schedule analysis.
  • Cut repeated denials, revenue shortfalls, and compliance issues.
  • Understanding the role and usage of appropriate Modifiers.
  • Optimize your revenue and minimizing coding errors.
  • Knowledge of multiple insurance carrier processes.

Send Error-Free Insurance Claims with BillingFreedom coding services


Credentialing Services

BillingFreedom credentialing specialists are in-network with all major Payers, their requirements and arrangements needed to get successfully credentialed, we keep you updated throughout the payer credentialing process.

  • Our expert team of Managers follows through all the documentation required for credentialing.
  • Complete necessary form and documentation through centralized credentialing.
  • Maintain and update CAQH profile, NPI enrollment.
  • Medicare re-validation by processing necessary paperwork.

Front Desk Management

Front Desk Management

Front desk is the lifeline for any practice and gateway for a successful business. Increase your patients flow and revenue with our array of services and dedicated team.

  • Confirming, rescheduling, cancelling and getting a new appointment
  • Updating insurance details, refill medications and forwarding referrals.
  • Insurance & Eligibility verification with payers, no more denials.
  • Patients forget to schedule their next appointment we don’t.
  • 90% less no shows, avg value for a single visit cost $125-$300.
  • 24/7 Toll-free Number for Patient Billing Inquiries.

Save up to $8,000 per month as you reduce no-shows with BillingFreedom Front Desk Services

24/7 End-to-End billing management services. Lets PhysiciansFocus on Patients.

BillingFreedom has helped practices decrease their days in AR and improve financial health with experienced and certified RCM teams.

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Improve profitability and focus more time on patient care

Here to help you

Here to help you

Strengthen your financial performance with BillingFreedom services.

  • Startup Practices

    BillingFreedom Easy Start Program has helped more than 100 startup practices to build their healthcare business. Our Easy Start Program includes Credentialing, Front Desk Management, IT support, and managed Billing Services.

  • Pricing Options

    BillingFreedom has a variety of customizable pricing options with no hidden costs & no startup costs to tailor your specific billing and management needs. BillingFreedom customizes each quote to meet your office's needs.

  • Practice Revenue Analysis

    We help you know your financial strengths & weaknesses of your medical practice through our highly detailed analysis reports. Let our experts guide you to make required changes!

Why BillingFreedom

One-Stop Solutions: We provide truly transformative Revenue Cycle Management, Front & Back Office services under one roof near you in Texas, USA.

Medical Billing Experts that Understand your Practice.

BillingFreedom has over 100 experts that include billing executives, coders, IT professionals and revenue cycle professionals. With years of medical billing experience, our team works around the clock to boost your revenue and expedite collections. We take your billing seriously.

No matter the size of your practice, we offer end-to-end billing services to manage the entire cash flow of your practice. BillingFreedom dedicated teams ensure follow-up on unpaid claims and keep a close eye on the financial health of your practice.

EHRs we work with

At BillingFreedom, we know the features and workarounds of your EHR system. All our RCM tools are integrated with the system you use.

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