Backlog of Collections? Boost your AR with our experts.

The aging of Patients AR is the lifeline for any Clinic since Physician has already rendered the services without any payment upfront. Billing Freedom AR management team understands the Health Practice model very well and therefore dedicate the entire team towards the collection of any pending statements to the last cent. BillingFreedom team is not only build to collect outstanding balances, but we also help maintain the clinical reputation to ensure we do not leave a disgruntled patient.

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We have confidence in our team and offer all our clients a free analysis of your AR management with a guarantee of maximum recovery once the team has finalized the report. Please call us, and we will set up a meeting to discuss in detail your AR collection and Management.

BillingFreedom AR Management Services acts as an extension of your office to accelerate collections & cash flows using best practices, automated tools, and analytics.

AR management Services
AR management is Mounting Quickly? Following could be the reasons?

AR Management is Mounting Quickly? Following could be the reasons?

  • Short coming of Front Desk team or Front Desk not experienced enough to communicate to patients about Clinics Financial Policy.
  • Claim denied by Insurance can be the direct result of Front-Desk shortcomings.
  • Not verifying patient’s Insurance coverage and eligibility at time of service.
  • No up to date coding results in claims denial and delay payments from Insurances.
  • Claims not on file, or not forwarded by your current Billing Service Provider.
  • PCP referral and authorization Issues.

BillingFreedom AR Management Steps


Our experts run the AR reports and reconcile to follow-up on all the pending (electronic & paper) claims with all insurance payers.

Claims Classification

We follow trails of all claims not in system, claim under process, claim denied, claim low paid, claim unpaid and collection pending towards patients.

Analyze AR Reports

Our experts run the AR report and analyze different aging buckets 0-30, 31-60, 61-90, 91-120 & 120+ with AR amounts and percentage of AR in each bucket.

Analysis & Prioritizing

We assess the aging, and perform online follow-up of account receivables. Initiate this phase of the claims once they are identified & marked as uncollectible.

Billing Freedom AR Management Method
Why Billing Freedom AR Management Services

Medical Billing & AR Management Services.

  • We offer 24/7 AR recovery services.
  • Knowledgeable AR Management Team.
  • Rapid and Complete reimbursement with us.
  • Reduced AR days with our AR management experts.
  • Decrease costs for your AR management.
  • Professional medical billing service

Group Practice Love Billing Freedom

Achieve Revenue Growth Across Both Payment Structures


Experience AR calling team

24/7 experienced AR billing team with remarkable AR follow-up processes.  The higher collection rate of AR at incredibly low costs.

Reduction in Account Receivables

Reduction in Account Receivables

A/R Aging (patient and payer). Old Account Receivables Recovery. Account Receivables Management.

First Pass Claim Acceptance Rate

First Pass Claim Acceptance Rate

98% first-pass acceptance rate, resulting in more claims being accepted. 3% higher than the industry average.

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