Why Billing Freedom

We are always step ahead and step towards your needs

Billing Freedom is among the leading provider of high-quality billing services for health care practitioners, physician groups, hospitals, and individual practices. We are committed to solving some of the toughest challenges that independent practices face. Billing Freedom provides end to end solution that delivers the complete array of services. We help you to get paid quickly and save a considerable amount of time.

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Meet Billing Freedom

Our Ground breaking product, “DOCTOR FREEDOM” has become the most favored product among medical practices across the United States due to our commitment for providing unmatched services at affordable prices. We enable physicians and staff to streamline workflow, increase efficiency and improve the quality of care while cutting the cost. Billing Freedom provides measurable ROI to a wide range of medical practices. Billing freedom work across all practices.

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About Billing Freedom

Billing Freedom is equipped with experienced and trained individuals in HealthCare industry helping small, medium and large practices run operations focused on revenue building and compliance. Billing Freedom is one of the most diverse teams across the health care industry.

Medical Billers

Medical Billers experienced over 10 years.

Health Consultants

Health Consultants available to answer FAQ’s and much more.

Medical Coders

We have a high qualified medical coder with experience of over 2 years.

Medical Insurance

We are an authorized agency of the listed insurance companies. We have standard market prices.

IT professional

Certified IT experts with 5+ years’ experience in Health Industry regulation and compliance.

Secure & Compliant

We are compliant and secure. 100% HIPPA complaint.

Physician Comes First

Here you comes first!

We Focus On Your Collections, So You Can Stay Focused On Patients.

  • We are a bunch of extremely productive, passionate and inventive people who are purely enthusiastic about offering the most scalable business enterprise solutions that should fulfill your entire demands.
  • Our passion is in assisting businesses to be successful. We know that everyone is not a specialist in web related technologies, and that’s where we are good at and use our skills and knowledge to assist organizations and businesses to be successful in online markets
  • Practice Benchmarking

    Benchmarking helps show you where your practice is performing strongly and where it needs improvement

  • Billing Freedom Support

    We offers 24/7 support for practices that want to remain engaged with their billing operations.

  • Specialty focused

    We have specialized teams of medical coders who hold specialty specific certifications to handle your coding tasks.

Why Billing Freedom

  • 98% first pass claim acceptance.
  • 33% reduction in Account Receivables.
  • 4+ stars google rating for your practice.
  • 40% more appointments with 70% Less no shows.

Call: (855) 415-3472

Billing Headaches? Let’s Billing Freedom handle your entire billing

Billing Freedom billing & coding, and revenue cycle management solutions are the most flexible and innovative within the market, tailored to any medical practice requirements and needs. Our flexibility and experience make us the biller of choice for practices of all types.

EHRs we work with

At BillingFreedom, we know the features and workarounds of your EHR system. If you have an existing EHR. BillingFreedom works with that EHR.

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