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Most Affordable, Compliant & Fast Medical Billing Services Company.

Inclusive Medical Billing Services

Our medical billing experts manage your entire Medical Billing Services, collect more and get paid faster.

Claim submission

Our billing team has an excellent claim submission rate of over 98%. We review all claims before they are submitted to insurance.

Denial Management

To ensure most claims are paid without denial, we monitor denials for trends. Resubmit denied claims in 48-72hrs.

AR Follow-up

Our team follows up with insurance companies immediately to recover payments more quickly.

Reporting & Analytics:

Boost your revenue and maximize financial performance of your practice with BF meaningful financial analytics & tailored reports.

Coding Assistance

Our coders assistant team review your Progress Notes and suggest code with accurate ICD 10 and CPT codes to get you paid right the first time and every time.

EMR Expertise

Our trained EMR specific billing expert has helped many physicians to ensure faster ROI and better compliance to avoid Medicare audits.

Payment Review & Posting

Posting of EOB/ERA.

Patient Call Support

We handle all the patient’s queries about their billing, statements, account balances, or appointments.

Optimum Performance

Improved first pass claim acceptance and automating remittance posting will significantly reduce your payment cycle.

Best Medical Billing Services Company

We deliver the best results with a quick turnaround and a dedicated team of EMR medical billing experts. We assign each practice with a separate billing team based on practice needs. At BF our medical billing experts have all the knowledge and provides fast, secure, and most affordable medical billing services. Our experts improve your practice revenue, enhances performance, & results with the latest cutting-edge technology. Let our experience work for you.

Are you up to date on the latest changes in urgent care codes and payer requirements?
Medical Billing and Collection Cycle
fee structure

Pricing: Customized Quoting

You’ll find our pricing highly flexible. We offer a range of different fee structures to practices of all levels. We create a custom plan for all our practices of all levels from new to small, medium, and large practices.

No Setup Fee: No Long-Term Contract
No Start-up Costs
Flexible Fee Structure

Medical Billing Services for Small Practices.

BillingFreedom specializes in working with small practices and aim to offer a high grade variety of solution for medical practices of all sizes. We offer the best medical billing services for small practices because you get its whole suite for a budget-friendly price. At BF we provide quality RCM services at an affordable rate with an array of Healthcare IT products.

30 Days Free Billing
No Setup Fee
No Long-Term Contract
No Start-up Costs
Medical Billing Services for Small Practices

Billing & Coding

On Time billing follow-up and coding cycles ensure providers receive full and maximum payments for all the services rendered to the patients. Our expert team will verify all the codes (CPT, HCPS & ICD codes) before creating and submitting claims. We’ll ensure error-free claims submission within 24hrs of receipt and 97% collection on first claim submission.

Denial Management

When we have rejected claims, we extensively aid in identifying the issues that led to the rejection and those need to be fixed. We isolate, calculate and classify denials to help providers lower their denial rate and spot revenue leakage sources. We ensure continuous and rigorous follow-ups on denied and pending claims. If you have denials from the past, then offload them to our team to get paid fast.

AR Management

Having trouble with delayed payments or struggling with AR cycle lags? We are here to help. BillingFreedom will analyze your current AR processes to determine areas of improvement through our best practices At Billing Freedom, our team is structured to address cash flow issues to ensure realization collections to every last cent.


Our Business Intelligent reports are in depth with up to date details. We makes it easy for you to take make decisions for your medical practice. Billing Freedom also helps generate standard and customized reports which can be shared in no times including insurance and patient A/R aging.

Have your providers ever worked on Low Paid Claims? We do extensive working on low paid claims so that you can get paid for any rendered services

Get paid 5% more and 30% faster with BF 24/7 RCM Services.

Denial Management

Why Work with Billing Freedom?

Billing Freedom services ranging from basic claims processing and submission to full practice management.  We have a solution that will meet your billing needs. We are here to help.

The benefits of outsourcing your Medical Billing Services to Billing Freedom are:

98% claims will be paid on first submission.
Reduction of bad debt by accelerating your receivables.
Appropriate CPT and ICD 10 codes and Modifiers.
No startup costs
Handle all the Denials within 48-72 hours of receipt.
100% HIPPA Compliant Team of Medical Billers.
24/7 revenue cycle management support.
Customized Financial Reporting.

Group Practice Love Billing Freedom

Achieve Revenue Growth Across Both Payment Structures


Experience AR calling team

24/7 experienced AR billing team with remarkable AR follow-up processes.  The higher collection rate of AR at incredibly low costs.

Reduction in Account Receivables

Reduction in Account Receivables

A/R Aging (patient and payer). Old Account Receivables Recovery. Account Receivables Management.

First Pass Claim Acceptance Rate

First Pass Claim Acceptance Rate

98% first-pass acceptance rate, resulting in more claims being accepted. 3% higher than the industry average.

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EHRs we work with

At BillingFreedom, we know the features and workarounds of your EHR system. If you have an existing EHR. BillingFreedom works with that EHR.

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