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Top Quality Pain Management Medical Billing Services.

Specialized in Pain Management billing Services.
Maximize your Revenue By 20%
  • codingSpecialist Pain Management Medical Billing Teams.
  • reimbursement96% claim getting paid on first submission.
  • trainedTrained, and certified AR Calling professionals.
  • trainedSignificant reduction in A/R days and denials.
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Why Billing Freedom



We optimize your entire revenue and end-to-end billing cycle.

Obgyn Medical Billing RCM Team

RCM Team

Our RCM team and billing experts can become invaluable resources.

OB GYN Billing Services Accuracy


96% of the claims get paid on the first submission with expert and dedicated medical billers.



With over a decade of experience with pain management billing to get you paid faster.



Tailored solutions to meet the requirements of your pain management practice.



Highly secure and fully complaint with HIPAA regulations.

Our Success in Numbers

We have been doing this a long time.

Value of claims processed


Value of claims processed in 2023

Total Revenue Collected

99 %

Total Revenue Collected

Accounts Receivable Days


Accounts Receivable Days

Turn Around Time (TAT)

48 Hours

Turn Around Time (TAT)

Turn Around Time for Payment

26 Days

Turn Around Time for Payment

Number of Claims Processed


Number of Claims Processed

Customer Retention


Customer Retention

First Pass Clean Claims


First Pass Clean Claims Rate

Revenue Improvement


Revenue Improvement

Reduction in A/R


Reduction in A/R

How Our Services Help

Specialists in Pain Management Medical Billing Services

BillingFreedom, specializes in providing comprehensive pain management medical billing and coding services, practice management, and A/R management services to practices of all sizes. Pain management claims are watched very closely by insurance carriers. Understanding the process of billing and appealing injections and pain management drugs is critical for the sustainability of your practice. With cutting-edge technology, a team of seasoned experts, and rigorous workflows, we are dedicated to optimizing your pain management practice revenue and cash flow. Our dedicated team of pain management experts brings solutions that help eliminate revenue leakages and optimize your cash flow. Our coders are proficient in ICD-10, CPT, HCPCS coding guidelines provided by CMS and AMA, and are certified by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC).

OBGYN Medical Billing Best Practices

Outsourcing Pain Management Medical Billing Services

Amid constantly changing Medicare, Medicaid, federal, state, and commercial private insurance regulations, state-specific rules, and ICD-10 and CPT code updates, pain management practices need the guidance of experts to ensure accurate submission of claims, prevent/decrease denials, and optimize reimbursements. Outsource pain management medical billing service to the industry’s leading provider. We have gained invaluable experience in providing unmatched pain management billing services while eliminating revenue leakage and maximizing revenue for our clients. We provide various pain management medical billing services and support to healthcare providers to manage the challenges of billing, coding, and account receivables management to generate more revenue.

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improve cash flow

BillingFreedom Innovative Billing Solutions Provide Unique Benefits to Practices

  • Increase Revenue

    Minimum 10% increase and up to 30%

  • Bad Debt

    Reduction of bad debt

  • Account Executives

    Dedicated account managers

  • Secure

    100% secure & HIPAA complaint

  • Customized

    Choose services that benefit you

  • Risk Free Pricing

    No hidden charges

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Get to know how Robotic Process Automation is changing the practice verticals.

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EHRs we work with

Medical billing company that knows the features and workaround of your EHR system. At BillingFreedom we work with your existing EHR.

OBGYN Billing EHRs eClinicalWorks
OBGYN Billing EHRs AdvancedMD
OBGYN Billing EHRs Kareo
OB-GYN Billing EHRs athenahealth
OB-GYN Billing EHRs practice fusion
OB-GYN Billing EHRsEpic

What our clients say?

We switched from in-house billing to BillingFreedom year ago. The decision was difficult, but we definitely made the right choice. They cleaned up the mess caused by our previous biller. I would highly recommend BillingFreedom medical billing services. I would very much recommend BF to other OB/GYN’s.

Emberlynn James – Health Care Hospital
medical billing company

Frequently asked billing software questions

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Why should I consider outsourcing Pain Management Billing to BillingFreedom?
Outsourcing medical billing services to BillingFreedom helps your practice to improve revenue and better quality care of patients. Our streamlined billing operations and expert handling of claims help your practice to eliminate revenue leakage. Our dedicated team ensures accuracy, compliance, and timely reimbursements.
Are your billing services Secure and HIPAA-Compliant?
Rest assured, our billing services are highly secure and fully compliant with HIPAA regulations.
How much should I be charged for medical billing services?
BillingFreedom medical billing services follow a revenue-based fee structure. The total amount depends on several factors. On average, this fee ranges from 3%-6% of the total revenue collected.
How do I know my current billing arrangements is under performing?
A comprehensive practice audit is the best approach, whether managed in-house or outsourced. With over a decade of experience working with physician groups and solo practitioners and routinely providing audits, we find all the gaps in your practice.

Why Billing Freedom

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Case Study

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Get to know how Robotic Process Automation is changing the practice verticals.

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Get paid more and Faster with BillingFreedom 24/7 medical billing services.


BillingFreedom is a medical billing company that works with your EHR.

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