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Medical Billing Company Recover Old Accounts Receivable To Maximize Returns

by BillingFreedom | Feb 20, 2024

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 Collecting overdue bills, whether from insurers or patients, is a task that consumes a significant amount of time. Achieving success in this endeavor necessitates the implementation of a systematic approach carried out by a well-trained team. This team should have a comprehensive understanding of billing codes and proficiency in deciphering the intricate ways payers denote billing on claims. Given the complexity involved, it is imperative to have a skilled staff that can adeptly communicate with insurers and patients, ultimately enhancing the chances of successfully resolving outstanding bills and securing timely payments.

What Does AR Mean In Medical Billing?

In medical billing and healthcare financial management, “AR” refers to “Accounts Receivable.” This term encompasses the total amount owed to a healthcare provider—whether an individual practitioner, a clinic, or a hospital—for the medical services they have provided.

The intricate process of managing accounts receivable is entrusted to the provider’s billing department. This department is responsible for initiating and overseeing the invoicing procedure, which involves generating and dispatching bills. 

Subsequently, diligent follow-up efforts are essential to monitor and rectify any outstanding or overdue payments.

Effective accounts receivable management is paramount for healthcare providers’ financial well-being and stability. This process entails meticulous tracking of all outstanding invoices and a proactive approach to ensure their settlement within an acceptable timeframe. Essentially, a well-functioning accounts receivable system is crucial for maintaining a steady and predictable cash flow, which is indispensable for the operational continuity of healthcare establishments.

What is the AR Recovery Process?

The AR (Accounts Receivable) Recovery Process in healthcare involves systematically reclaiming unpaid or underpaid funds for medical services. Medical billers play a crucial role in this process, employing various strategies to address outstanding balances and recover the amounts owed by insurance companies or patients.

Identification of Outstanding Balances

The first step in the AR Recovery Process is identifying outstanding balances. This includes reviewing the accounts receivable records to pinpoint claims that have not been fully paid or remain unpaid.

Investigation of Non-Payment Reasons

Once the outstanding balances are identified, medical billers investigate the reasons behind non-payment. This may involve scrutinizing denied claims, rejected submissions, or any discrepancies in the billing process. Understanding the root causes of non-payment is essential for developing effective strategies for recovery.

Communication and Follow-Up

Medical billers engage in proactive communication. They follow up on unpaid or underpaid claims by sending inquiries, seeking clarification on denials, and requesting additional information. Clear and persistent communication is key to resolving billing issues and expediting recovery.

Claim Resubmission and Appeals

In cases where claims are denied or underpaid due to errors or misunderstandings, medical billers may need to resubmit corrected claims. Additionally, they may initiate appeals to challenge denied claims, providing supporting documentation and explanations to justify the reimbursement.

Negotiation and Settlement

Medical billers may negotiate with insurance companies to settle disputes and expedite payment. This may involve reaching mutually agreeable claim reimbursement terms, addressing discrepancies, and ensuring a fair settlement.

Documentation and Reporting

Throughout the AR Recovery Process, meticulous documentation is maintained. This includes keeping records of communications, claim submissions, and agreements reached during negotiations. Comprehensive reporting helps track progress and assess the effectiveness of recovery efforts.

3 Reasons a Medical Billing Company Can Recover Old AR Better than You Can!

A medical billing company’s expertise, dedicated resources, and industry relationships contribute to its superior ability to recover old accounts receivable efficiently.

1. Specialized Expertise

Medical billing companies possess specialized expertise for recovering old Accounts Receivable (AR). Their teams are well-versed in the intricate world of billing codes, ensuring accurate and efficient handling of outstanding claims. Understanding payer denotations is a key strength as these professionals navigate the complexities of how payers annotate billing on claims. The staff is extensively trained, allowing for effective communication with insurers and patients, a vital aspect in successfully recovering old AR.

2. Dedicated Resources

Medical billing companies leverage dedicated resources specifically designed for effective AR recovery. Their comprehensive AR management systems streamline the process, enabling systematic tracking of overdue bills. Skilled teams within these companies are focused solely on AR recovery, ensuring a concentrated effort to reclaim outstanding amounts. Additionally, these companies often integrate advanced technologies, enhancing their capabilities in managing and recovering old AR more efficiently.

3. Industry Relationships

Established networks and relationships within the healthcare industry are pivotal for successful AR recovery. Medical billing companies often have longstanding connections with various payers, facilitating smoother communication and negotiation processes. Their experience in dealing with diverse healthcare providers equips them with valuable insights and strategies. This industry familiarity contributes significantly to their ability to navigate challenges and optimize the recovery of old AR effectively.

5 Tips to Manage Aged AR from Top Medical Billing Companies

Top medical billing companies offer five valuable tips for effectively managing aged accounts receivables:

  1. Assessment of Debtor List: It’s essential to assess your debtor list dynamically. Medical billing professionals emphasize the importance of understanding your organization’s debtor and claim build-up before implementing any strategies.
  2. Robust Data Analysis: Leading companies employ a robust data collection and analysis system, focusing on Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions. Utilizing Aged Trial Balance reports provides insights into outstanding balances from specific debtors.
  3. Preparing Time Blocks: To achieve the goal of containing outstanding AR within 60 to 90 days, professionals create time blocks (0-30 days, 31-60 days, 61-90 days, and 91+ days). This approach allows them to prioritize the time blocks with the highest number of outstanding AR.
  4. Effective Communication: Communication is key in managing aged AR. Establishing clear communication with debtors is crucial for retrieving stuck cash flow. Maintaining respect and clear communication is a priority to avoid compromising client loyalty while recovering revenue.
  5. Outsourcing: Many health systems outsource their accounts receivable work to leading Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) companies. These companies manage various health systems and clients and possess extensive knowledge of diverse insurance panels, aiding healthcare organizations in maintaining financial health and focusing on core competencies.

How Do Medical Billers Collect Past-Due Invoices In 6 Steps?

Medical billers collect past-due invoices by reviewing, communicating, offering payment plans, engaging agencies, considering legal action, and negotiating settlements. Let’s learn more:

Invoice Review

  • Thoroughly review past-due invoices to identify outstanding balances.
  • Verify the accuracy of billing details and ensure all necessary information is included.


  • Initiate proactive and clear communication with the debtor.
  • Send polite yet firm emails, mail, or phone reminders outlining the overdue amount and payment expectations.

Payment Plans

  • Offer flexible payment plans to accommodate the debtor’s financial situation.
  • Clearly outline terms and conditions for instalment payments to encourage a structured resolution.

Utilise Collection Agencies

  • If initial efforts are unsuccessful, consider engaging professional collection agencies.
  • Collection agencies specialize in debt recovery and can apply additional pressure to secure payment.

Legal Action

  • When necessary, medical billers may escalate the situation legally.
  • This involves sending formal demand letters and, if required, filing a lawsuit to recover the outstanding debt.

Negotiation and Settlement

  • Explore negotiation and settlement options with debtors.
  • Assess the possibility of settling for a reduced amount or offering discounts for prompt payment to reach a mutually agreeable resolution.

Why Choose BillingFreedom For Recovery Of Old AR?

Choose BillingFreedom for unparalleled expertise in recovering old Accounts Receivable (AR). Our expert team boasts a remarkable track record, achieving a >90% Clean Claims Rate and reducing Claim Correction Turn-Around Time by 64%. With a stellar 76% First Pass Payment Rate, we employ claim profiling to predict payment propensity and ensure accurate follow-up. 

Our centralized hub of specialists resolves claim errors, resulting in <0.5% write-offs from claim denials. Experience the advantage of daily reporting, monthly scorecards, and a comprehensive solution that includes pre-bill holds, automated workflows, and compliance with CMS, Medicare, and Medicaid regulations—Trust BillingFreedom for optimal AR recovery and seamless billing processes.

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Your financial tranquility is our priority!

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