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Medical Billing Services in Arizona.

Medical billing company in ARIZONA with customizable workflow, proven expertise and 24/7 support. Improve efficiency and reduce medical billing costs with us.

BF is among the best Medical Billing companies that provide end to end Revenue cycle management with multi-specialty billing. We are a full-service healthcare solutions provider that offer medical billing services and solutions for every stage of your practice lifecycle, from new practice to aged practice.

Whether you’re focusing on building patient volume, recovering declining revenues, looking for financial stability for the future of the healthcare, BF medical billing services are flexible enough to meet your changing needs

  • Get Paid More & Faster
  • Smart workflow
  • Specialty focus
  • Reduced billing denials
  • Focus more on patients
98% Claim Acceptance
33% AR Reduction
Nationwide Reach
24/7 RCM Services
100% HIPAA Compliant
99% Coding Accuracy

Fully Equipped Medical Billing Services in Arizona. 24/7 RCM Services.

Our certified medical billing specialists will enhance your service quality by allowing you to focus on your patients and leave all the billing technicalities to us. Our flexibility to bill professionals and institutions makes us the biller of choice for your practice. Our experienced team of medical billers and coders are technically equipped to manage revenue cycle and streamline your billing process to attain comprehensive reimbursement without delays and denials. Our experienced and certified medical coders review clinical notes and code them with the correct ICD10 and CPT codes.

Benefits of Our Billing Services

  • Get Paid More and Faster
  • Engage in more patient care activities
  • Save money on hardware and software costs in your office
  • Reduce the risk of billing and coding errors
  • Latest coding & reimbursement techniques
  • Dedicated Team of Billers
  • Denial Management Support & Services
  • Reduce the risk of billing and coding errors
  • FEE Schedule Analysis
  • Eligibility & Benefits Verification
  • Patient Queries-24/7 Toll Free Support
  • Software Expertise. We work with your EMR/EHR
  • 24/7 AR Calling Process

Choosing the Right Medical Billing Service: Key to Your Practice’s Success?

Choosing the right billing service is incredibly important. Our medical billers and coders can ensure an improvement in the efficiency of your practice by employing the best methods of optimally using your EMR, their exposure of various Practice Management Systems also provides greater collections for your practice. BillingFreedom experience in various EMR/EHR’s and certification in the medical billing processes will support your practice to grow steadily

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