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5% Growth
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Medical Billing Company in Texas.

BillingFreedom Medical Billing Service in Texas is an end-to-end revenue cycle management solution that allows you to shift the burden off your shoulders. So, you can better focus on caring for patients.

Our proficient staff handles your entire operations, from front desk management, eligibility & benefits verification, claim creation, claims submission, AR follow-ups, denial management, appeals, payment posting, custom reporting as well as constantly guiding practice staff to get you paid 5% more and 30% faster.

Our medical billing services in Texas will help you get paid more and at a better pace. Our expert RCM analysis will give you incredible insight into process efficiencies, revenue improvement opportunities and review ways to increase patient satisfaction and referrals

  • Get Paid More & Faster
  • Smart workflow
  • Specialty focus
  • Reduced billing denials
  • Focus more on patients
98% Claim Acceptance
33% AR Reduction
Nationwide Reach
24/7 RCM Services
100% HIPAA Compliant
99% Coding Accuracy

End-to-End RCM Services for Practices of all sizes.

Our medical billing specialists will help improve your service quality by allowing you to actively focus on your patients. Our expert billers can help you increase your revenue with a reduction in the number of denied and unpaid claims. Our team of professional billers can improve the efficiency of your medical practice by employing the best methods of optimally using your EMR, their exposure to various EMRs also provides greater collections for your practice.

At BF we help practices protect patient information, minimize interruptions in cash flow due to staff turnover and absences, elimination of backlogs, and providing continuity of revenue collections

You Focus on Patients, We’ll Get You Paid.

Complete RCM solution.

  • Get Paid 5% More and 30% Faster
  • Certified & Professional Billers
  • Contract & Payor Negotiations
  • Front Desk Management
  • Eligibility & Benefits Verification
  • Referrals & Prior Authorizations
  • Denial Review & Managements
  • Payer Follow up
  • Quick Accounts Receivable
  • Posting of Insurance & Patient payments
  • Out of Network Billing
  • Patient statements processing and mailing
  • Inbound Patient Queries
  • Software Expertise. We work with your EMR/EHR

Fully Equipped Medical Billing Services in Alabama. 24/7 RCM Services.

Outsource Medical Billing Services to Experts in Texas:

BillingFreedom has seen massive growth over the years since its start and one of the main reasons for its success and growth has been its dedicated team of billers and support staff. Finding the right partner that understands your practice, specialty, and billing needs is always difficult. BF is a trusted independent medical billing company in Texas that knows the industry and will optimize your reimbursements and boost your revenue. Ready to boost your revenue and increase the performance of your practices? Call us now at (855) 415-3472

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