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How can BillingFreedom help you?

98.76% reimbursement rate
Devoted billing and coding teams for uninterrupted payments
Compliant and speciality-specific trained professionals
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    Why Billing Freedom


    Experience no more delays in your payments and revenue cycle with a qualified group of experts.


    Several RCM teams filter out the errors from claims for the highest accuracy.


    A more systematic and efficient practice with 100% compliant staff and software.

    RCM Team

    A significantly escalated cash flow with numerous professional RCM teams. 


    Medical billing services in Houston for over a decade to bring the practices up to the mark.


    Maintaining high security and safety of data using updated software and HIPAA-Compliant staff. 

    Our Success in Number

    We have been doing this a long time.


    Claim collection worth in 2022


    Processed claims

    99 %

    Revenue collection

    99 %

    Customer Retention


    Accounts Receivable Days

    98 %

    First pass yield

    48 Hours

    Turn Around Time (TAT)

    10- 15%

    Revenue spike

    26 Days

    Payment TAT

    33 %

    Cutback on A/R

    How Our Services Help

    BillingFreedom medical billing services standing out in Houston, TX

    Risking the coding and billing process can have an overall negative impact on your medical practice. BillingFreedom comprises special teams who provide practices with the best medical billing and coding services in Houston, TX. The success statistics go above and beyond the excellence for BillingFreedom’s Houston medical billing. Experience the most effortless billing process with us.

    How do Houston practices benefit from BillingFreedom?

    • Rewarding revenue cycle
    • Faster payments and reimbursements
    • Personalized progress
    • Focused billing, coding, and RCM teams
    • Affordable and accessible services
    • Improved control of the practice

    Why avail of our Houston Medical Billing Services?

    The medical expertise in Houston, TX, is unmatchable and requires practices that are up to the mark and competent. With Houston medical billing and coding services of BillingFreedom, your practice can reach the level you are striving for. Our highly-qualified coding teams are devoted to coding your services with complete accuracy. They are experts with several specialities, with an extensive focus on OBGYN practices. The billing experts of BillingFreedom invoice for every service provided and ensure the highest precision for claims. The RCM teams maximize your revenue in a minimum period, making your practice successful.

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    BillingFreedom Innovative Billing Solutions Provide Unique Benefits to Practices

    Increase Revenue

    Minimum 10% increase and up to 30%

    Bad Debt

    Reduction of bad debt

    Account Executives

    Dedicated account managers


    100% secure & HIPAA complaint


    Choose services that benefit you

    Risk Free Pricing

    No hidden charges

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    Our Medical Billing & Coding Services

    Insurance Verification

    Medical Billing Services

    Revenue Cycle Management

    Prior Authorizations

    Virtual Medical Assistant

    Credentialing Services

    Denials & AR Calling

    Performance Reporting

    Want To Learn More!

    Get to know how Robotic Process Automation is changing the practice verticals.

    Our 24/7 RCM Process.

    Overcome financial and operational challenges with our revenue cycle management and operational support that is built from the ground up for you.

    EHRs we work with

    At BillingFreedom, we know the features and workarounds of your EHR system. If you have an existing EHR. BillingFreedom works with that EHR.

    Still Have a Question About Services?

    Medical billing services for independent medical practices and specialty practices to help grow overall revenue and maintain positive cash flow. Mitigate compliance risks & Improve coding efficiency.

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      Frequently asked billing questions

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      The response of various practices has remained positive and given BillingFreedom several regular clients.

      All services and staff of BillingFreedom are HIPAA-Compliant and thus speak for the safety of patients’ data.

      Our Houston medical billing company debits 10% to 15% of the total monthly collections of the practice.

      OBGYN is a focused specialty, but the list extends to numerous other specialties that can be viewed at Specialty - Billing Freedom.

      Get paid more and Faster with BillingFreedom 24/7 medical billing services.

      BillingFreedom is a medical billing company that works with your EHR.

      Proud to offer the highest quality service in the industry with a 99.% retention rate.